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Formal description of real-time requirements is a difficult and error prone task. Conceptual and tool support for this activity plays a central role in the agenda of technologytransference from the formal verification engineeringcommunity to the Real Time Systems development practice.In this article we present V TS, a visual language to define complex(More)
In this work we present the VInTiMe (Verifier of INtegrated TImed ModEls) suite of tools that combines high-level expressive power, unassisted property-preserving model-reduction and low-level distributed model checking power to describe and verify complex Real-Time Systems designs and their properties.
This paper addresses the design and programming of a biped robot. Simple kinematics will be employed to carry out an analysis of biped stability and control. Center of mass and angular position are key components of successful motion. These variables are monitored throughout each process gait. The motion is simulated using COSMOSMotion. Different software(More)
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