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— A major challenge for machine learning algorithms in real world applications is to predict their performance. We have approached this question by organizing a challenge in performance prediction for WCCI 2006. The class of problems addressed are classification problems encountered in pattern recognition (classification of images, speech recognition),(More)
BACKGROUND Anemia is one of the most common public health problems especially in developing countries. We investigated the prevalence of anemia, iron deficiency anemia and related risk factors in adolescent school girls in Kavar urban area in southern Iran. METHODS A total of 363 adolescent school girls were evaluated by a cross sectional study.(More)
In this paper, an algorithm is proposed to improve the Maximum Load Carrying Capacity (MLCC) of exible robot manipulators. The maximum allowable load which can be achieved by a exible manipulator along a given trajectory is limited by the joints' actuator capacity and the end eeector accuracy constraint. In an open-loop approach, the end eeector deviation(More)
BACKGROUND Health policy formation refers to the design of a conceptual framework to find possibilities, facilitate feasibilities, and identify strong and weak points, as well as insufficiencies, by research. Doing research should clarify qualities and standards for policy and decision-making to enable the success of development of health care in a country.(More)
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