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The wide spread of mobiles as handheld devices would naturally lead to various innovative applications that makes use of their ever increasing presence in our daily life. One such application is location-tracking in indoor environments. In this paper we discuss the implementation of a simple and cost effective system that assists users in tracking(More)
This detailed review analyzed the previously published studies related to the prevalence of psychotropic substances use, associated factors, and the misuse of the psychotropics among students. A comprehensive literature search covering six databases was performed. References from published articles and reports were extracted. This helped in identifying the(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to explore the knowledge of the general population towards ADR and their reporting system. METHODS An anonymous, self-administered questionnaire (15 items) was designed. The questionnaire was subjected to face validity and content validity. The reliability coefficient was found to be 0.71. This study recruited(More)
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