A. Akhnoukh

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A low-distortion varactor-tuned bandpass filter is demonstrated on a highsilicon-on-glass technology. The dc bias network is optimized to achieve high linearity, the center frequency of the filter tunes from 2.4 to 3.5 GHz, and the measured loss of the filter is 2–3 dB at 2 GHz, with a stopband rejection of 25 dB. The measured IIP3 of the filter was+46 dBm.
In this work, a wafer-level packaging solution for RF-MEMS applications that is based on a capping silicon substrate is presented. The electrical signals redistribution from the device wafer to the capping one is provided by vertical through-wafer etched vias filled with copper. The bonding of the capping part to the device substrate is performed at(More)
A surface-acoustic-mode aluminum nitride (AlN) transducer is utilized to determine the type of liquid dropped on the propagation path. It is based on tracking the shrinking droplet radius and observing stagnant liquid molecules during and after the liquid evaporation process. The device configuration is suitable to test small amounts of liquids, in the(More)
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