A. Akhnoukh

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— Varactor diode-based circuit topologies, which can act as high-Q " distortion-free " tunable capacitive elements, are presented. These diodes are implemented in a novel ultra low-loss silicon-on-glass technology, with resulting measured Q's of over 200 at 2 GHz. The measured IM3 improvement compared to traditional single varactor tuning techniques is(More)
This paper presents an application for the development of stochastic models to predict the deterioration of infrastructure facilities. The main objective is to demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of two types of models, namely state-based and time-based models, which will guide decision makers in selecting the most appropriate model type according(More)
This paper presents a 1.8GHz prototype class-AB power amplifier using a QUBIC4G (SiGe, ft=40GHz) handset device with adaptive in-and output matching networks. The realized amplifier provides: 13dB gain, 28 dBm output power, with an efficiency greater than 33-51% over a 10dB output power control range. I. INTRODUCTION The power amplifier stage in a mobile(More)
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