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Optimization and characterization of porous materials have been extensively studied by various surface phenomena researchers. Efficient methods are required to predict the optimum values of operating parameters in different stages of material preparation and characterization processes. A novel method based on the application of a special class of radial(More)
  • A. Ahmadpour
  • 2009
This paper propose a suitable structure to increase the gain and speed of low-voltage amplifiers by means of modifying the first stage of the Folded-Cascode (FC) structure and exploiting class AB amplifier with active load at the second stage. In spite of the fact that cascode structures increase the output impedance, we make an extra pole in the transfer(More)
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in Iran, considered the necessity of e-learning in agricultural extension for training extension agents as human resources that are working in extension centers throughout the country and have direct interaction with farmers, because they understand that traditional education is no longer effective. As a result,(More)
Nowadays, usually data is transmitted through a communication channel in the form of binary codes, which undesirably their data bits can be masked and changed by noise. Detecting and correcting these errors is important. In this paper, a general formula of Hamming Code to recognize a single bit error in composite data word-parity bits is presented and an(More)
A new sugarcane leaf spot disease caused by Exserohilum rostratum was found in Ahvaz, southwestern Iran during a series of surveys on fungal species causing sugarcane leaf diseases in 2011. Three single spore derived isolates were obtained from diseased sugarcane leaves and the pathogenicity of each isolate to sugarcane plants was confirmed by inoculation(More)
During the summer of 2012, some leaves of Coix lacryma-jobi (adlay or Job's tears) with leaf spot symptoms were collected from surrounding rice fields of Amol, north Iran. Four single spore isolates were obtained from diseased adlay leaves and the pathogenicity of each isolate to adlay plants was confirmed by inoculation tests based on Koch’s postulates.(More)
Phototransistors have many applications in Integrated Optic Receivers. In this paper, analysis of noise reactions in a Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) which is used in the form of Three-terminal (3T) photodetector, has been presented. In this research, S/N ratio in output, noises and main parameters have been considered. This model can be used for(More)
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