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A questionnaire on ECT, tapping altitudes, opinions and usage, was mailed to all medical members of the Indian Psychiatric Society whose addresses were known; 263 (28.8%) responded. This paper, the first in a series that presents the results of the survey, provides demographic data on the respondents and covers issues relating to the administration of ECT.(More)
A questionnaire on ECT, tapping attitudes, usage and experience, was mailed to all medical members of the Indian Psychiatric Society whose addresses were known; 263 (28.8%) of 913 psychiatrists responded. This paper describes Indian psychiatrists attitudes towards ECT. A global attitude favouring the treatment was expressed by 81.4% of respondents. The(More)
Millions of chronic mentally sick are living in this country without proper care. Human rights of most of these patients both for treatment and for leading a life of dignity have been seriously abrogated. This oration discusses the extent of the problem & reviews the won\ done in this area in India and abroad. Major emphasis is to develop a programme for(More)
Distributed networked-controlled-systems (NCS) are a multidisciplinary effort whose aim is to produce a network structure and components that are capable of integrating sensors, actuators, communication, and control algorithms in a manner to suit real-time applications. They have been very popular and widely applied for many years now due to the rapid(More)
With the rapid development of silicon carbide (SiC) material quality, SiC power devices are gaining tremendous attentions in power electronics. In this paper, a SiC device based motor drive system is performed to provide a quantitative estimate of the system improvement. Two 60 kW motor drive systems based on SiC MOSFET/Schottky diode and Si IGBTs are(More)
In this paper, static and switching characteristics of a 1200 V 4H-silicon carbide (SiC) bipolar junction transistor (BJT) at a bus voltage of 600 V are reported for the first time. Comparison was made between the SiC BJT and a 1200 V Si insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). The experimental data show that the SiC BJT has much smaller conduction and(More)
Insight plays an important role in the management of Schizophrenia. The study was undertaken to assess the cross-sectional relationship of clinical variables and psychopathology to insight, using the BPRS and the Insight Schedule. The study sample consisted of 59ICD-10 Schizophrenics with a mean duration of illness of 41.88 months. Insight was found to have(More)
Psychotherapy which dominated psychiatry for long seems to have become relegated into oblivion. Whether this change in the professional practice is a progressive or re-trograde step requires a serious consideration. Psychiatrists in India are more or less practising a biologic reductionistic model of mental illness and if this trend continues they may(More)
During the pre-independence era mental health services in this country received only scanty attention. The administration was chiefly concerned with detaining the mentally ill within the high walls of mental hospitals and providing them a semblance of a minimum required treatment. Seeing the appalling conditions of the psychiatric services in this country,(More)
Relationship of neurosis and sexual-behaviour has been a controversial issue to-date. This study was designed to explore (a) whether sexual dysfunctions are responsible for development of neurosis, (b) does neurosis affect sexual-behaviour. In the present study sexual-behaviour of 53 married female neurotics and 32 matched healthy controls was studied.(More)