A. Afanasiev

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We have measured the temperature-dependent thermal conductivity kappa(T) of individual multiwall boron nitride nanotubes using a microfabricated test fixture that allows direct transmission electron microscopy characterization of the tube being measured. kappa(T) is exceptionally sensitive to isotopic substitution, with a 50% enhancement in kappa(T)(More)
We consider nanopatterning of dielectric substrates by harmonics of single powerful femtosecond pulses from a Ti:Sapphire laser. The nanopatterning is mediated by closely packed monolayers of polystyrene microspheres that act as microlenses at the surface. Observed modification of the material proceeds via ionization. By our theory, the second harmonic is(More)
Colloidal particle lens array (CPLA) proved to be an efficient near-field focusing device for laser nanoprocessing of materials. Within CPLA, spherical particles do not act as independent microlenses. Due to the coupling of the spherical modes, the field near the clusters of spherical microparticles cannot be calculated by means of the superposition of Mie(More)
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