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The overall CAD methodology for the design of UltraSPARC-I microprocessor at Sun is described in this paper. Topics discussed include: CAD flow strategy, tool development and integration strategy, and design infrastructure. The importance of concurrent design style, modular CAD flow environment, incremental design verification and early design quality(More)
Bahar, R. Iris, [a] Bauman, J., [a] Becker, B., [a] Bergamaschi, Reinaldo A., [a] Bergeron, Janick, [a] Bern, Jochen, [a] Bieker, Ulrich, [a] Blatt, Miriam, [a] Bombana, Massimo, [a] Borah, Manjit, [a] Bormann, Jörg, [a] Borriello, Gaetano, [a] Boucouris, Spiros, [a] Brayton, Robert K., [a] Bredenfeld, Ansgar, [a] Breuer, Melvin A., [a] Brewer, Forrest, [a](More)
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