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Thirty-three children with leukemia who had neutropenia and fever were randomized to receive cefataxim and amikacin, versus the same antibiotics plus intravenous gammaglobulin (i.v. IgG). Duration of neutropenia, hospitalization and the interruption of chemotherapy were not different in the two groups; however, duration of fever was significantly shorter in(More)
Two children with idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis are reported. These are the first cases of this disease from Saudi Arabia and highlight the diagnostic problem caused by their presentation as cases of iron deficiency anaemia. The aetiopathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and management are discussed. The attention of paediatricians is drawn(More)
Hemoglobinopathies are a major public health problem in Saudi Arabia. We studied the effect of splenectomy in 16 Saudi Arabian children with compound hemoglobinopathies. Seven patients no longer require regular blood transfusions, and transfusion requirements were decreased by 30 to 60% in the other eight patients. Three patients whose heights and weights(More)
This prospective study analyzes the clinical features and histopathological findings in liver biopsies of pediatric patients presenting to the hospital with liver disease during a 10 year period. Only those patients in whom liver biopsy was performed for a tissue diagnosis were included. Fifty patients were investigated, all below the age of 12 years, of(More)
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