A. Abrishamifar

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This paper focuses on alternatives for implementing variable size perturbations in peak current controlled perturbation and observation (P&O) maximum power point trackers (MPPT). Implementations of P&O algorithms based on peak current control and on instantaneous sampled values have shown to provide very fast transients and small(More)
In this paper, DTC with multilevel inverters is presented. Due to simplicity of control and intrinsic short circuit protection, DTC is used to control high power pumps and fans. All of the required blocks including multilevel inverter, the 24-sector flux sector seeker and switching table are proposed. Balancing method for flying capacitor and a simple model(More)
An adjustable duty-cycle control circuit for clock generator systems and high-speed applications is proposed. The designed circuit is based on duty-cycle control circuit but area consumption is reduced by decreasing the control bits from five to four bits and using transistors with minimum size for charge pump circuit. In this new duty-cycle control(More)
A new low-power closed-loop 50% duty-cycle correction (DCC) circuit is proposed. The designed circuit is based on pulsewidth control loop circuit by adding an SR-latch unit to generate 50% duty-cycle. The output clock has a fixed-delay rising-edge. When designed with a 0.18-μm CMOS technology and supply voltage of 1.8 V, the output duty-cycle is(More)
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