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In Zusammenarbeit mit der Kommission 1.03 der DGN wurde ein Bewertungsbogen zur Beurteilung der Qualität neurologischer Entlassberichte erstellt und an anonymisierten Arztbriefen zu 7 Tracerdiagnosen (ZNS-Blutung, ischämischer Insult im vorderen Stromgebiet, Epilepsie, Parkinson-Syndrom, bakterielle ZNS-Infektion, Multiple Sklerose [Erstdiagnose],(More)
Je 8 Arztbriefe zu 5 Diagnosen (ischämischer Insult im vorderen Stromgebiet, Epilepsie, Parkinson-Syndrom, multiple Sklerose, Polyneuropathie) aus 5 Kliniken wurden von 5 niedergelassenen Neurologen hinsichtlich Diagnose, Anamnese, Befund, Zusatzuntersuchungen, Differenzialdiagnose und Behandlung bewertet. Kritik richtete sich v. a. auf die Qualität(More)
The metllod of nuclear spin echoes [I ] has provided an extremely powerful tool for the direct study of difPusion in liquid-like systems. Unfortunately, tllis has not been applicable to solids, since in these systems the decay of spin coherence is normally dominated by strong dipolar interactions and is thus not easily reversible [I!] _ We wish to report(More)
2014 Ordering of the nuclear spins of 169Tm in TmPO4, caused by their « enhanced » nuclear magnetism, has been produced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (D.N.P.) followed by Adiabatic Demagnetization in the Rotating Frame (A.D.R.F.). At positive temperature, when the magnetic field H is parallel to the c-axis of the crystal, the structure is transverse in(More)
2014 The principle of the method of pseudomagnetism for measuring spin dépendent scattering lengths of slow neutrons on nuclei is recalled. A table is given which reviews the results obtained with this method. It contains previously published values, some of them corrected following careful remeasurement, as well as other hitherto unpublished values. Tome(More)
2014 Polarizations exceeding 70 % have been obtained in a sample of 6LiD, for the nuclear spins of lithium and deuterium. These results make 6LiD a polarized target material which outperforms all other materials tried so far. J. Physique LETTRES 41 (1980) L-309 L-310 ler JUILLET 1980, Classification Physics Abstracts 24.70 29.25 76.70E An outstanding(More)
2014 Polarizations up to 70 % have been produced in a small sample of 6LiD for the nuclear spins of lithium and deuterium. These results make 6LiD a polarized target material of great potential interest. A few other NMR and EPR measurements on this sample are reported. J. Physique 41 (1980) 1447-1451 1 DÉCEMBRE 1980, Classification Physics Abstracts 24.70(More)
A scoring system for quality assessment of neurological routine case reports was developed in cooperation with the Quality Management Commission of the German Neurological Society (DGN). Five clinical departments of neurology submitted eight anonymized reports for each of seven tracer diagnoses (CNS hemorrhage, ischemic infarction in the anterior(More)
Eight discharge reports involving five diagnoses (anterior territory ischemic stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's syndrome, multiple sclerosis, polyneuropathy) from five neurological departments were peer-reviewed by five neurologists working in out-patient (private) practice. The review considered the diagnosis, case history, clinical status, laboratory(More)
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