A. Abdel-Khalik

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Factors possibly influencing the development of diabetic retinopathy were studied in 112 randomly selected type 1 diabetics having no or minimal retinopathy (group A) and in 82 type 1 diabetics with known severe diabetic retinopathy. The latter comprised those with severe background retinopathy (group B, n = 17) and those having proliferative retinopathy(More)
Consistency between death certificates and clinical records from 5 general hospitals in Kuwait was studied for 470 deaths with the following underlying or associated causes: hypertensive (HYP), ischaemic heart diseases (IHD), cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes mellitus (DM). Direct causes were not considered since they are of little interest(More)
A system of two degrees of freedom with quadratic and cubic nonlinearities and subjected to parametric and external excitations is studied and solved. The method of multiple scale perturbation technique (MSPT) is used to analyze the response of this system. Four ordinary differential equations are derived to describe the modulation of the amplitudes and(More)
Twenty patients with idiopathic "warm" autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and 40 controls were types concurrently for human leucocyte antigens (HLA) A, B, C, and DRW. There was a significantly stronger association of HLA-B8 with the disease (chi 2 = 10.39; p = 0.018) than HLA-DRW3 (chi 2 = 3.71; P = 0.35) and the patients also showed a significant increase in(More)
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