A. Abdel-Fattah

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Mechanisms of tryptophan (a 5-HT precursor)-induced changes in body temperature were investigated in rats pretreated with pargyline, a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO-I). Tryptophan (100 mg/kg, i.p.) did not affect the body temperature in rats, but it produced significant hypothermia followed by marked hyperthermia and higher mortality in the(More)
The effect of total alkaloid extracted from Peganum harmala seeds collected in Egypt on body temperature was studied in rats. Intraperitoneal administration of the Peganum harmala extract produced significant and dose-dependent hypothermia. Similarly, harmine and harmaline, major constituents of the harmala alkaloid, lowered the body temperature.(More)
The effects of harmaline on tryptophan-induced 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT) syndrome and body temperature changes in pargyline-pretreated rats were investigated. When administered i.p. 60 min after pargyline treatment (50 mg/kg, i.p.), tryptophan, at 100 mg/kg but not 10 mg/kg, induced the 5-HT syndrome. Tryptophan at 100 mg/kg also produced hypothermia(More)
Aspergillus niger β-glucosidase was modified by covalent coupling to periodate activated polysaccharides (glycosylation). The conjugated enzyme to activated starch showed the highest specific activity (128.5 U/mg protein). Compared to the native enzyme, the conjugated form exhibited: a higher optimal reaction temperature, a lower Ea (activation energy), a(More)
The present study is concerned with the stigma of mental illness. It examines the subjective element of the experience of stigma among a sample of in-patients with different mental disorders. The sample was taken from consecutive admissions of in-patients meeting International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision (ICD-10) criteria for mental disorders(More)
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