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PURPOSE To assess the transverse relaxation time T(2) and diffusion coefficient D before and following exercise in the tibialis anterior muscle and determine whether T(2) and D values were correlated. METHODS Measurements of T(2) and D were performed at 3 T within axial slices through the calf muscles of six healthy volunteers at 95 s intervals before and(More)
The Gulf of Aqaba is the only seaport in Jordan which currently has intense activities such as industrial development, phosphate ore exportation, oil importation, shipping, commercial and sport fishing. Most of these activities, especially the phosphate ore exportation, could cause serious radiological effects to the marine environment. Thus, it is(More)
Bending by the DNA A-tracts constitutes a contentious issue, suggesting deficiencies in the physics employed so far. Here, we inquire as to the importance in this bending of many-body polarization effects on the electrostatic interactions across their narrow minor groove. We have done this on the basis of the findings of Jarque and Buckingham who developed(More)
Toward the goal of understanding how open basepairs in DNA interact with their heterogeneous environment, we have studied the steady-state intrinsic fluorescence properties of the purine and pyrimidine deoxynucleosides in organic solvents in the presence of small amounts of water. The organic solvents used in the present study were: n-butanol, acetonitrile,(More)
The Jordan Rift Valley (JRV) is considered the food bowl of Jordan, especially during the winter season. In this study, soil and vegetable samples collected from greenhouses in the northern JRV were analysed for their radioactive content. The activity concentrations of (238)U, (235)U, (232)Th, (226)Ra, (137)Cs and (40)K in soil were found to be (+/-SD) 33(More)
The diffusion coefficient of lipids, D(l), within bone marrow, fat deposits and metabolically active intracellular lipids in vivo will depend on several factors including the precise chemical composition of the lipid distribution (chain lengths, degree of unsaturation, etc.) as well as the temperature. As such, D(l) may ultimately prove of value in(More)
During a 2-year prospective study of children hospitalized with gastroenteritis, shigellosis was detected in 66 cases (9 per cent of 726 admissions). The age group for peak shigella incidence was 1-4 years. The incidence increased from 8 per cent in 1991, to 11 per cent in 1992. Shigella flexneri was the most common isolate (65 per cent), followed by(More)
The inclusion of polarization interactions in nucleic acids and proteins have been recognized as a major improvement both in our understanding of these systems and in the accuracy of current calculations and simulations. Recently, we have investigated the role of these interactions in DNA A-tracts bending using a Monte Carlo simulation approach developed by(More)
Post-translational acetylation of lysines of the histone N-terminal tails is known to induce transcriptional activation, and thus plays a major role in gene regulation. A mechanism for this effect is suggested by our recent finding that the initial 'solvation' network, which is formed around the purines of base pairs immediately following their opening, has(More)
Dust storms in the Middle East are common during spring. Some of these storms are massive and carry a large amount of dust from faraway regions, which pose health and pollution risks. The huge dust storm event occurred in early May, 2012 was investigated for its radioactive content using gamma ray spectroscopy. Dust samples were collected from Northern(More)