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Model-building studies were carried out on the trimer AUA. Bulge-out structures which allow incorporation into a continuous RNA helix were generated and energy-minimized. All geometrical features obtained by previous NMR studies on purine-pyrimidine-purine sequences are accounted for in these models. One of the models was used to fit into a double helical(More)
NMR and model-building studies were carried out on the duplex d(CTGGTGCGG).d(CCGCCCAG), referred to as (9+8)-mer, which contains an unpaired thymidine residue. Resonances of the base and of several sugar protons of the (9+8)-mer were assigned by means of a NOESY experiment. Interresidue NOEs between dG(4) and dT(5) as well as between dT(5) and dG(6)(More)
The hairpin form of the mismatched octamer d(m5C-G-m5C-G-T-G-m5C-G) was studied by means of NMR spectroscopy. In a companion study it is shown that the hairpin form of this DNA fragment consists of a structure with a stem of three Watson-Crick-type base pairs and a loop consisting of only two nucleotides. The non-exchangeable proton resonances were assigned(More)
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