A. A. Zyuzin

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We consider a model of ballistic quasi-one-dimensional semiconducting wire with intrinsic spin-orbit interaction placed on the surface of a bulk s-wave superconductor (SC), in the presence of an external magnetic field. This setup has been shown to give rise to a topological superconducting state in the wire, characterized by a pair of Majorana-fermion (MF)(More)
We study two microscopic models of topological insulators in contact with an s-wave superconductor. In the first model the superconductor and the topological insulator are tunnel coupled via a layer of randomly distributed scalar and of randomly oriented spin impurities. Here, we demonstrate that spin-flip tunneling dominates over the spin-conserving one.(More)
We develop a theory of the low-temperature charge transfer between a superconductor and a hopping insulator. We show that the charge transfer is governed by the coherent two-electron-Cooper pair conversion process time-reversal reflection, where electrons tunnel into a superconductor from the localized states in the hopping insulator located near the(More)
We study topological excitations in two-component nematic superconductors, with a particular focus on Cu_{x}Bi_{2}Se_{3} as a candidate material. We find that the lowest-energy topological excitations are coreless vortices: a bound state of two spatially separated half-quantum vortices. These objects are nematic Skyrmions, since they are characterized by an(More)
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