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OBJECTIVE To evaluate changes in cervical dimensions by transvaginal ultrasound in non-randomly selected pregnant women. METHODS This longitudinal study included 154 pregnant women undergoing transvaginal ultrasound assessment of the cervix at a mean gestational age of 12, 16, 20, 25, and 31 weeks. On each occasion, the longitudinal and anteroposterior(More)
The time-dependent changes in the antero-posterior (A-P) diamter and length (L) of fetal kidneys has been evaluated by means of statistical analysis of measurements made during the third trimester in a normal population. Two hundred eighty pregnant women were examined between 22 and 40 weeks of gestation. Differences between operator-scanner combinations(More)
Three different mathematical models were fitted to ultrasonic measurements of the biparietal diameter, head circumference, and abdomen circumference obtained from 1,426 healthy fetuses. The linear cubic function gives coefficients comparable with most previous studies, but it does not thoroughly explain fetal growth throughout pregnancy. Both the(More)
The fetal humerus, radius/ulna, femur, tibia/fibula and foot were measured in 296 pregnant women at 64-108 days' menstrual age, using vaginal sonography. All limb measurements correlated significantly with gestational age and biparietal diameter independently. Ratios of limb segment lengths did not change with gestation. Reference ranges (mean and 95% data(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish reference ranges for fetal size by gestation in the first trimester as indicated by cephalic, abdominal and limb measurements using transvaginal sonography. DESIGN A prospective descriptive study. SETTING Two antenatal clinics in Milan, Italy. SUBJECTS 270 women with normal singleton pregnancies at 42-108 days gestation. All had(More)