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The vertical distribution of microorganisms during spring deep-water renewal in Lake Baikal was studied. The downward advection of trophogenic waters was found to create conditions for the extensive growth of microorganisms capable of decomposing and mineralizing organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in deep water layers. These processes occur annually(More)
Unambiguous identification of polyoxometalate (POM) species generated in self-assembly reactions in solution is rather problematic due to close similarity of their properties such as solubility and spectral characteristics. The situation is made more complex by protonation equilibria (which can change their analytical signals) and the lack of individual(More)
A semi-empirical approach has been used to estimate the intramolecular electrostatic interactions in pepsin and penicillopepsin. The pH-dependence of the free energy electrostatic term was calculated, and the pH-dependence of the domain interactions has been estimated. As it was shown, the contribution of electrostatic interactions is rather small for the(More)
The synthesis and characterization of three novel keplerate-type compounds containing the {W72Mo60} mixed-metal core are reported. Complexes (NH4)72[{W6O21(H2O)6}12{Mo2O4(SeO4)}30]·150H2O·6(NH4)2SeO4 (1a) and (NH4)25(NH2Me2)47[{W6O21(H2O)6}12{Mo2O4(SeO4)}30]·130H2O·3(NH4)2SeO4 (1b) were prepared by ligand substitution from the acetate anionic complex(More)
Reaction of [(C6H6)RuCl2]2 and Na8[Ta6O19] gives two new hybrid organometallic POM complexes, Na10[{(C6H6)RuTa6O18}2(μ-O)]·39.4H2O (Na10-1) and Na4(trans-[{(C6H6)Ru}2Ta6O19]·20H2O (Na4-2). In both cases the half-sandwich fragments {(C6H6)Ru}(2+) are coordinated as additional vertices to the {Ta3(μ2-O)3} triangles of the hexatantalate. According to NMR and(More)
Reaction of [Nb6O19](8-) with H6TeO6 in water gives telluropentaniobate [(OH)TeNb5O18](6-) (1) as single product, which was isolated as Na(+) and mixed Na(+)/K(+) salts. Crystal structures were determined for Na6[(OH)TeNb5O18]·15H2O (Na6-1) and K6Na[Nb(5.5){Te(OH)}(0.5)O(18.5)]·26H2O (K6Na-1). Formation of 1 was monitored with electrospray ionization mass(More)
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