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Root growth and soil water content were measured in a field experiment with wheat subjected to two periods of water deficit. The first period was induced early in the season between the early vegetative stage (22 DAS) and late terminal spikelet (50 DAS), the second period at mid-season between terminal spikelet (42 DAS) and anthesis (74 DAS). Total root(More)
Historically, destructive root sampling has been labor intensive and requires manual separation of extraneous organic debris recovered along with the hydropneumatic elutriation method of separating plant roots from soils. Quantification of root system demographics by public domain National Institute of Health (NIH-Image) and Root Image Processing Laboratory(More)
OBJECTIVE This article describes the experience of four acupuncturists in terms of what it meant for them to be a practitioner in a recently completed sham-controlled acupuncture randomized control trial (RCT) with a standardized protocol. DESIGN At the completion of the RCT for women with ovarian dysfunction, study acupuncturists (2 male(More)
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