A. A. Shojaei

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In this paper, we presented an optimized fuzzy logic controller using particle swarm optimization for DC motor speed control. The controller model is simulated using MATLAB software and also experimentally tested on a laboratory DC motor. A comparison of the performance of different controllers such as PID controller, fuzzy logic controller and optimized(More)
A multilevel boost power factor correction (PFC) rectifier is presented in this paper controlled by cascaded controller and multicarrier pulse width modulation technique. The presented topology has less active semiconductor switches compared to similar ones reducing the number of required gate drives that would shrink the manufactured box significantly. A(More)
This paper proposes the implementation of a novel controller based on a Recurrent Neural Network and PID controller for a Rotational Inverted pendulum. The objective of the controller is to determine the control strategy to stabilize the pendulum angle. Normally, the pendulum is a move towards an uncontrolled state. The Rotational Inverted pendulum by RNN(More)
Abstract: Problem statement:This paper presents an overview of a controller for a Rotational Inverted Pendulum (RIP) based on a New Recurrent Neural Network (NRNN) using Internal Model control (IMC). The RIP consists of a DC servo motor, arm and pendulum. The RIP is modelled in MATLAB/Simulink and the simulation results are shown besides the experimental(More)
We investigate nonlinear behaviors of light known as bifurcation and chaos within a nonlinear silicon microring resonator (SMRR). The research is used to controlling SMRR's behaviors such as chaos applicable in security coding systems. The variable parameters affect the bifurcation to be happened in smaller roundtrip among total round trip of 20000 or input(More)
Flexible AC transmission system devices are used in power transmission networks in order to increase the maximum power transmission and stability. They as well, help to damp low frequency oscillations for both local and internal areas. On the other hand, the design of these devices with uncoordinated Power System Stabilizer (PSS) may degrade the performance(More)
In this study, simply two systems consist of series of microring resonators (MRRs) and a add/drop filter are used to generate a large bandwidth signal as localized multi wavelength, applicable for quantum dense coding (QDC) and continuous variable encoding generation using incorporated system. This technique uses the Kerr nonlinear type of light in the MRR(More)
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