A. A. Shnyreva

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Two closely related commercially cultivated oyster mushroom species, Pleurotus pulmonarius and P. sajor-caju have been differentiated by traditional mating experiments as well as analysis of the variable ITS and IGS sequences of the ribosomal gene cluster. Molecular analysis of the variable ITS and IGS regions has allowed neither reliable differentiation(More)
The only open reading frame (ORF) (CG4680) encoding the Gag related protein (Grp) gene, a homologue of gag retrotransposons with long terminal repeats (LTR retrotransposons) of the gypsy group, has been found in the Drosophila melanogaster genome. Earlier, it was shown that the gene was expressed at the transcriptional level only in adult D. melanogaster.(More)
We performed phylogenetic analysis for ten Pleurotus species, based on internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of rDNA. A phylogenetic tree was constructed on the basis of 31 oyster fungi strains of different origin and 10 reference sequences from GenBank. Our analysis demonstrates that the tested Pleurotus species are of monophyletic origin. We(More)
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