A A Shekhovtsov

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In tests of "illuminated area" and the "threatening situation" avoidance by rats, apomorphine and phenamine, administered intraperitoneally, attenuate the state of alarm. A similar effect is observed when sulpiride, a selective blocker of D2-receptors of dopamine, and of picrotoxin, a GABA antagonist, are administered. Sulpiride effectively counteracts the(More)
In experiments on rats the presence or absence was studied of the phenomenon of potentiation of anxiolytic action, estimated by the time of the animal stay in the light part of the chamber in tests of avoidance of "the lighted ground" or "menacing situation" at combined application of the pairs of substances of benzodiasepine and non-benzodiasepine series(More)
Microinjections of monoamines and amino acids into rat ventral hippocampus showed functional relevance of GABA- or dopamine- and 5-HT-ergic mechanisms of this structure of brain formed by aversive actions of diverse biological importance rather than glutamate-ergic ones. The participation of hippocampus monoamine- and acidergic mechanisms in the origin of(More)
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