A. A. Shalyto

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BACKGROUND Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a common genetic cardiac disease. Prevention and early diagnosis of this disease are very important. Because of the large number of causative genes and the high rate of mutations involved in the pathogenesis of this disease, traditional methods of early diagnosis are ineffective. METHODS We developed a custom(More)
Modern software development processes usually outline phases of requirements gathering, design, coding and testing. Design phase outgoing artefact is system model, described with a help of diagrams and text. On coding phase, developers, using system model, implement system for target platform. There is a semantic gap between design and coding phases,(More)
The technology of modeling of one class of multi-agent systems with automata based programming is proposed in the paper. The technology is illustrated on the example of system of interacting drone flying objects creation. UniMod - a tool intended for supporting automata based programming is used for building a control system for each flying object. UniMod(More)
State-based object-oriented programming combines basic advantages of object-oriented and automata-based programming technologies. Its basic features are flexibility, extensibility, and powerful mechanism of description of complex behavior, which is based on finite automata. The disadvantage of the state-based object-oriented programming is the lack of(More)
In everyday life information technology are increasingly used both directly (by using computers and internet) and indirectly (by using TV, microwaves, mobile phones, cars, public transport etc). In 1995 it was estimated that a person interacts daily with 25 devices processing information. We also know that 20% of the cost of developing vehicles, trains and(More)
  • Dmitry Y . Kochelaev, Bulat S . Khasanzyanov, Bulat R . Yaminov, A. A. Shalyto
  • 2008
This article gives a short overview of tool UniMod 2, which is now being developed by group of students of SaintPetersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. This instrumental tool is designed to develop automata based software, providing means for visual software building, software verification and validation, as well as(More)