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For visually impaired people, a cane is a close companion helping them to detect and avoid obstacles while walking. But while walking in a new or changed environment, it is hard for them to guess where they are. Also it will be a problem when they lose memory of locations and places. The standard method for taking notes by visually impaired is to emboss(More)
Image registration is a process of overlaying various images of a scene. This process has four basic steps. In this work we have replaced a feature matching step with efficient and fast feature tracking. Several problems, arose due to this technique, are discussed and their solutions are proposed. The proposed algorithm is then tested on various sequences(More)
A non-symmetric matrix splitting is presented for the solution of certain sparse linear systems. The author reports the comparison and the convergence performance of the previous and the contemporary methods and includes explicit comments. It is studied that some recent methods may work efficiently with a symmetric matrix but show insufficiencies like(More)
In this paper, we develop reduced-order models for dynamic, parameter-dependent, linear and nonlinear partial differential equations using proper orthogonal decomposition (POD). The main challenges are to accurately and efficiently approximate the POD bases for new parameter values and, in the case of nonlinear problems, to efficiently handle the nonlinear(More)
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