A A Schoenberg

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A newly designed intrafascicular electrode for chronic neural recording was studied by implanting 12 electrodes in the radial nerves of 6 cats for 6 months. Action potentials were monitored at specified intervals throughout the experiment. The number and size of the signals recorded suggest that this type of electrode provides information that is(More)
We are developing a new type of bipolar recording electrode intended for implantation within individual fascicles of mammalian peripheral nerves. In the experiments reported here we used electrodes fabricated from 25 microns diameter Pt wire, 50 microns 90% Pt-10% Ir wire and 7 microns carbon fibers. The electrodes were implanted in the sciatic nerves of(More)
The effects of small dc bias currents on the offset potentials of disposable ECG electrodes (four brands of Ag-AgCl and two brands of stainless steel) were examined. After periods ranging from a few minutes to several days, samples of all electrode types exhibited offset potentials exceeding 200 mV after subjection to dc bias currents over 200 nA. All(More)
Utilizing an automated test system, measurements of the 10-Hz impedance were made with electrode pairs joined gel-to-gel and electrode quartets on the skin of the backs of human volunteers. Two skin preparation procedures were examined. As a minimum skin preparation, the electrodes were applied to clean, dry skin from which body hair had been shaved if(More)
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