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This paper analyzes the concept of robot mimicking in the field of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI). Gestures are investigated for HMI applications. Detection of a moving human arm is done by a video image and calculating the orientation of the arm. The angle of orientation found is passed to robot arm in order to orient the robot arm. The simulations show(More)
— In this paper comparison of different data mining techniques used in financial data analysis is done. Financial data analysis is used in many financial institutes for accurate analysis of customer data to find defaulter and valid customer. In this paper we study about different data mining techniques and further we compare the accuracy of these algorithms(More)
In today's era, there is a great importance to parallel programming to gain high performance in terms of time required for data computation. There are some constraints to achieve parallelism on CPU (Central Processing Unit). It is possible to achieve data parallelism by SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) on General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit(More)
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