A. A. Sadiq

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BACKGROUND Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I signalling stimulates proliferation, survival, and invasion in malignant mesothelioma and other tumour types. Studies have found that tumourigenesis is linked to dysregulation of cap-dependent protein translation. METHODS The effect of IGF stimulation on cap-mediated translation activation in mesothelioma cell(More)
To my parents, Alhaji R. O. Sadiq and Alhaja B. A. Sadiq for emphasizing the importance of good education. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My deep appreciation goes to my dissertation chair, Dr. Waugh, and other members of my dissertation committee-Drs. Cummings, Noonan, Olshansky, and Weible-for making this dissertation a success. Dr. Bateman, my colleagues (Public(More)
This paper describes a MATLAB/Simulink realization of the direct current (DC) motor speed control method by controlling the voltage applied to the field circuit of a separately excited DC motor in the constant power region. A comparison between armature voltage control method and the field current control method is presented. The simulation results obtained(More)
This paper presents a simulation of the speed control of a separately excited direct current motor (SEDM) using fuzzy logic control (FLC) in Matlab/Simulink environment. A fuzzy logic controller was designed to vary the motor's speed by varying the armature voltage of the separately excited DC motor in the constant torque region (below the rated speed). The(More)
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