A. A. S. Mohamed

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The work describes an automated method of tracking dynamic ultrasound images using a normalized cross-correlation algorithm, applied to the patellar and gastrocnemius tendon. Displacement was examined during active and passive tendon excursions using B-mode ultrasonography. In the passive test where two regions of interest (2-ROI) were tracked, the(More)
This paper presents a novel smart-PID controller for optimal control of DC-DC boost converter used as voltage controller in PV systems. This proposed controller maximizes the stable operating range by using genetic algorithms (GA) to tune the PID parameters ultimately at various loading conditions. Then, a fuzzy logic approach is used to add a factor of(More)
Accurate and efficient models can assist designers to predict and optimize the system performance during system development. This paper presents a physics-based 2-D finite-element model (FEM) for bidirectional inductive wireless power transfer system (BIWPTS) for electric vehicle (EV) applications. The proposed model is based on a co-simulation platform(More)
Inter-turn short-circuit (ITSC) fault is one of the most typical fault in different types of magnetically coupled circuits such as transformers and rotating or linear electrical machines. This paper presents a general study to approach the ITSC understanding and modeling as long as the circuit can be represented in state-space (SS) equations. The ITSC in(More)
Electromagnetic emission produced by high frequency switching current of inductive components has an adverse effect on sensitive devices in power converters. This paper investigates the effect of components placement on the radiated emissions in printed circuit board (PCB). The goal of this research is to minimize the electromagnetic interference (EMI) on(More)
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