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A ®eld experiment was conducted during the dry season of 1993/1994 at the Irrigation Research Farm, Institute for Agricultural Research, Samaru, Nigeria to evaluate water management options on the performance of tomato. The trial involved three furrow irrigation methods (conventional furrow, conventional furrow with cutback, and alternate furrow), two mulch(More)
Assessment of soil erosion and sediment yield in furrow irrigation is limited in Samaru-Zaria. Data was collected in 2009 and 2010 and was used to develop a dimensionless model for predicting furrow irrigation-induced erosion (FIIE) using the dimensional analyses approach considering stream size, furrow length, furrow width, soil infiltration rate,(More)
Furrow irrigation proceeds under several soil-water-furrow hydraulics interaction dynamics. The soil erosion consequences from such interactions in furrow irrigation in Samaru had remained uncertain. A furrow irrigation-induced erosion (FIIE) model was used to simulate the potential severity of soil erosion in irrigated furrows due to interactive effects of(More)
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