A. A. Podshivalov

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Hollow-core photonic-crystal fibers (PCFs) provide soliton delivery and frequency shifting of 2.8 MW femtosecond pulses with an input central wavelength of 618 nm. The frequency-shifted megawatt soliton output of the hollow PCF is used as a high-peak-power Stokes field for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microspectroscopy, providing a dynamic(More)
In this work, we demonstrate microjoule supercontinuum generation using an LMA PCF with a mode area of 380 mum<sup>2</sup> pumped by an amplified stretched-pulse output of a mode-locked Cr: forsterite laser with a peak power of a few megawatts.
A sealed, compact mercury atomic-absorption resonance ionization imaging detector has been developed and evaluated. The sensitivity of the detector as well as its ability to form two-dimensional images has been demonstrated. Images of faint light (1000 photons) have been recorded by image summation. It is shown that one can obtain high-quality images with a(More)
The first results of our study of nonlinear shift, distortion of form, and destruction of picosecond light pulses interacting with a nonlinear Fabry-Perot resonator in a strongly nonstationary regime are reported. Polarization instability of the light pulse transmitted through a nonlinear resonator has been observed.
A whole life-cycle of the superfilamentation in water in tight focusing geometry was investigated. In this regime a single continuous plasma channel is formed. To achieve this specific regime the principal requirement is the usage of tight focusing and supercritical power of laser radiation. They together clamp the energy in the ultra-thin (approximately(More)
Doubly phase-matched cascaded four-wave mixing in tapered fibers is demonstrated using femtosecond Cr:forsterite laser pulses. The first stage of this cascade involves phase-matched third-harmonic generation. At the second stage, the third harmonic and fundamental radiation generate new spectral components through phase-matched parametric wave mixing.