A. A. Petukhov

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The number of reported web application vulnerabilities is increasing dramatically. The most of vulnerabilities result from improper input validation. This paper presents extensions to the Tainted Mode model which allows intermodule vulnerabilities detection. Besides, this paper presents a new approach to vulnerability analysis which incorporates advantages(More)
We describe an image denoising/degrain algorithm based on sparse representation of images in a very redundant system. We call it the hornlet system. The high system redundancy does not allow to use the commonly accepted greedy algorithm with the direct sensing of the image with all basic functions and follow-up computing of approximations. Instead of this,(More)
Certain peculiarities have been revealed in the development of radiation sickness in guinea pigs subjected to nonuniform irradiation with superlethal doses. With electron and gamma-neutron radiation LD50/1.5 was 116.11 and 114.48 Gy respectively, when delivered to whole body, and 133.40 and 111.72 Gy when delivered to the posterior part of the body.
Covering arrays are used for generating tests for interfaces with a large number of parameters. In this paper, a new method is described for constructing homogeneous and heterogeneous covering arrays that is based on a combination of combinatorial and optimization methods. In a wide class of particular cases, the method speeds up the construction of arrays(More)
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