A.A. Morozov

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The paper deals with some grounding in theory of a passive radiometric complex designed to detect from a helicopter metal and non-metal objects in the soil at the depth of several metres. Experimental results obtained during tests of a complex prototype are presented as well. The complex can be applied in construction and repair works to detect underground(More)
In this article the authors give the analysis factors that cause errors of radio-brightness temperature measurement during the space monitoring of the Earth by on-board radiometers, methods of ground and on-board calibrations, and the example of evaluation of the radio-brightness temperature measurement by the on-board radiometric complex.
The article considers the principles of construction of radiometric receivers in cm, mm and submillimeter wave bands. The basic characteristics, construction and results of measurement of main parameters of scanning mirror antenna and microwave channels including filters, modulators, multifrequency horn feed antennas that combines submillimeter range with(More)
Results of development of space-based radiometric receivers in a frequency range 10 GHz ... 206 GHz is considered. Are resulted technical characteristics the developed radiometric systems intended for remote sensing of a surface of the Earth (including ocean) and atmosphere. Results of flight measurements also are submitted.
Theoretical fundamentals and results of measuring the temperature profiles inside a slag layer above molten metal by a new remote method have been considered. The influence of different methods of antenna array focusing on measurement accuracy have been analyzed. The universality of the proposed method will make possible its effective application to solve(More)
Nowadays the world community is paying great attention to the problem of atmosphere pollution. UN took several conventions including Kyoto protocol which restricts industrial waste outflow to atmosphere and water. As a result special importance is paid to the implementation of obligations taken by particular countries. The remote sensing system is the only(More)
At present the technology of identifying the objects by their radiation in radio band is developing rapidly. The use of submillimeter band allowed approaching the radio bright image to the photographic one. The use of decimeter and centimeter bands allowed identifying the objects under ground. In the article the theoretical foundation of identifying and(More)
Special Research Bureau of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (SRB MPEI) is one of the leading developers of the systems for the Earth surface and atmosphere remote sensing in Russia (and in the former USSR). This paper describes basic characteristics, structure and operation principles of several onboard radiometric multichannel complexes developed(More)
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