A. A. Moiz Qyser

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—Extraction of components pertaining to a particular domain not only reduces the cost but also helps in delivering a quality product. However, the advantages of the Component Level Interaction's (CLI's) are not clearly presented. In the first part of the paper the design of HR Portal application is described. Later the results are simulated using the(More)
The imbalanced datasets with the classifying categories are not around equally characterized. A problem in imbalanced dataset occurs in categorization, where the amount of illustration of single class will be greatly lesser than the illustrations of the previous classes. Current existence brought improved awareness during implementation of machine learning(More)
The introduction of hosted environments to computing has brought a lot of change in the industry. With the advent of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, the concept of renting data stores is catching up. Security for the data in a hosted environment is an alarming issue. The paper focuses on cloud data storage security. We propose a security model to maintain the(More)
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