A. A. Mandrugin

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Synthesis of compounds containing a fragment similar to the guanidine group of L-arginine, which is a substrate of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), is the main direction in creating NOS inhibitors. The inhibitory effect of such compounds is caused not only by their competition with the substrate for the L-arginine-binding site and/or oxidizing center of the(More)
In experiments with mice radioprotective properties and toxicity of 2(3)-guanidinoalkanethiols were investigated by exposure to gamma-irradiation in the dose of 6.4 Gy. The obtained results allow to find an association between radioprotective activity of 2(3)-guanidinoalkanethiol compounds and their structure and toxicity.
The effect of 2-amino-2-thiazoline (2-AT) on radiosensitivity of mice, their haemopoietic system status, and GFUc has been studied. 2-AT was shown to contribute to the survival of an increased number of haemopoietic stem cells, earlier recovery of bone marrow cellularity, and normalization of the spleen weight.
A study was made of the nature of radiation--induced bonds between DNA and 2-amino-5,6-dehydro-4H-thiazine (2-ADT) having a radioprotective action. Using the gelfiltration method and 35S-2-ADT, it was shown that the amount of the radioprotector bound to DNA increased with radiation dose and did not depend on the postirradiation treatment with 3 M LiCl or 3(More)
Study of the metabolism of biologicaliy active aminoalkylisothioureas in mammals has shown that compounds of this class are transformed as soon as within the first hour into heterocyclic compounds of the dihydrothiazinethiazoline series which also have antiradiation activity. The presence of these compounds in mammalian organs and tissues accounts for the(More)