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Absolute ultrasonic intensity from pencil type Doppler-shift probes has been measured using a radiation balance technique. Accuracy and repeatability of measurement have been considered and effects of using different absorbing materials and different liquids other than degassed water on intensity measured have also been discussed. The technique is(More)
Six hundred 'normal' volunteers have been examined, ranging in age from neonates of three days to adults of 65 years. Average compliance was measured for the aortic, iliac, and leg arterial pathways using a non-invasive atraumatic Doppler ultrasound method in non-sedated subjects. No variation of compliance with mean blood pressure was found but there was a(More)
Arterial compliance (C) has been measured in 18 children known to have had a single umbilical artery at birth. Non-invasive ultrasonic Doppler techniques were used to measure C for the aorta, iliac, and leg arteries. Anomalous compliance was found between the two iliac vessels, and it is suggested that this is the result of haemodynamic stress-induced(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the extent to which the major arteries, particularly the aorta, iliac and leg arteries are involved in certain peripheral occlusive vascular disease, e.g. diabetes mellitus and sickle-cell anaemia. By using a non-invasive Doppler technique, vessel compliance (C) was measured in the aorta, iliac and leg arterial(More)
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