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A20 was first identified as a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) primary response transcript encoding a 790-amino acid protein with a unique zinc finger motif. Recently, A20 was shown to protect cells from TNF-induced cytotoxicity in a variety of cell lines. Nuclear run-on studies previously established that TNF activates A20 at the transcriptional level. To(More)
The tar and tsr genes of Escherichia coli encode homologous transducer proteins that mediate distinct chemotactic responses. We report here the construction of two tasr chimeric genes in which the 5' coding region of the tar gene is fused to the 3' coding region of the tsr gene at either of two conserved restriction sites. Both chimeric genes code for(More)
The tar and tsr genes of E. coli encode functionally analogous transducer proteins that mediate two distinct classes of chemotactic response. The tap gene lies adjacent to tar, and is thought to encode another transducer protein. We present here the complete nucleotide sequence of the tar-tap region of the E. coli genome, together with a comparative(More)
The freehand technique for preparing parallel guide planes offers several advantages. There is a direct transfer of the index from the surveyor to the mouth. The procedure adds little time to routine removable partial denture construction. The method is effective. The only disadvantage of the method is the inability of the dentist to clinically establish(More)