A. A. Korsheninnikov

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Neutron single particle energies have been measured in 23O using the 22O(d,p)23O*-->22O+n process. The energies of the resonant states have been deduced to be 4.00(2) MeV and 5.30(4) MeV. The first excited state can be assigned to the nu d3/2 single particle state from a comparison with shell model calculations. The measured 4.0 MeV energy difference(More)
L. V. Chulkov,1 T. Aumann,2 D. Aleksandrov,1 L. Axelsson,3 T. Baumann,4 M. J. G. Borge,5 R. Collatz,4 J. Cub,4 W. Dostal,2 B. Eberlein,2 Th. W. Elze,6 H. Emling,4 H. Geissel,4 V. Z. Goldberg,1 M. Golovkov,1 A. Grünschloss,6 M. Hellström,4 J. Holeczek,7 R. Holzmann,4 B. Jonson,3 A. A. Korsheninnikov,8 J. V. Kratz,2 G. Kraus,4 R. Kulessa,9 Y. Leifels,4 A.(More)
I. Mukha†1,2, K. Sümmerer3, L. Acosta4, M. A. G. Alvarez1, E. Casarejos5, A. Chatillon3, D. Cortina-Gil5, J. Espino1, A. Fomichev6, J. E. Garcı́a-Ramos4, H. Geissel3, J. Gómez-Camacho1, L.V. Grigorenko2,3,6, J. Hoffmann3, O. Kiselev3,7, A. Korsheninnikov2, N. Kurz3, Yu. Litvinov3, I. Martel4, C. Nociforo3, W. Ott3, M. Pfützner8, C. Rodrı́guez Tajes5, E.(More)
The low-lying spectra of 8 He and 10 He nuclei were studied in the 3 H(6 He,p) 8 He and Some evidence for 8 He state at about 7.5 MeV is obtained. We discuss a possible nature of the near-threshold anomaly above 2.14 MeV in 8 He and relate it to the population of a 1 − continuum (soft dipole excitation) with peak value at about 3 MeV. The lowest energy(More)
We have observed the two-proton radioactivity of the previously unknown (19)Mg ground state by tracking the decay products in-flight. For the first time, the trajectories of the 2p-decay products, (17)Ne+p+p, have been measured by using tracking microstrip detectors which allowed us to reconstruct the 2p-decay vertices and fragment correlations. The(More)
The 5H system was produced in the 3H(t,p)5H reaction studied with a 58 MeV tritium beam at small c.m. angles. High statistics data were used to reconstruct the energy and angular correlations between the 5H decay fragments. A broad structure in the 5H missing mass spectrum showing up above 2.5 MeV was identified as a mixture of the 3/2+ and 5/2+ states. The(More)
Project of a new in-flight fragment separator is proposed as a part of the third generation DRIBs facilities in Dubna. As compared to the existing separator ACCULINNA, beam intensity should be increased by a factor 10-15, the beam quality improved and the RIB assortment should broaden considerably at ACCULINNA-2. Research program and structure are outlined(More)
Experimental search for (5)H using a secondary beam of (6)He has been performed. The transfer reaction (1)H((6)He,(2)He)(5)H was studied by detecting two protons emitted from the decay of (2)He. A peak consistent with a (5)H resonance at 1.7+/-0.3 MeV above the n+n+t threshold was observed, with a width of 1.9+/-0.4 MeV. The angular distribution of the(More)
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