A. A. Kamal

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Previous studies have indicated that respiratory sound signals may contain information useful in the detection of lung diseases. In this study, measurement and recordings of respiratory sound signal segments were obtained in normal subjects (non-smokers) and smokers in both inspiration and expiration phases. By using the autoregressive (AR) method, it is(More)
The number of students who wishes to change their major is increasing everyday. There are quite a number of students who are still unsure about their future plans even though they have enrolled in a university program. A reason may be that the students are still in conflict about their own identity. Students who are doing their preparatory program should(More)
The components of electrocardiograms (ECG) of 253 workers exposed to carbon disulfide (CDS) and those of 99 controls were quantitatively measured and evaluated. ECG of the exposed workers showed a statistically significant higher prevalence of ECG pathological changes, higher P amplitude and Macruz index, longer P duration, longer both crude and corrected(More)
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