A. A. Jamshidifar

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A genetic algorithm (GA) based fuzzy approach for on-line process control is proposed in this paper. In this approach, a TSK fuzzy controller is used to control the system. To reduce the fuzzy system design effort and to find the optimum fuzzy controller parameters, GA has been employed. It is also possible to emphasize on the system response specification(More)
On-board software is one of the most important parts of satellite. It composed of software modules which are responsible of meeting the satellite functionalities. In addition there is an OS which provides software and hardware resources for the software modules through services. This paper deals with simulating one of these OS called virtuoso. It introduces(More)
In this paper, an Evolutionary approach for optimization of cyclic Gas Transmission Network (GTN) is presented. The GTNs comprise of nodes, links, compressor stations and valves where the last one is a main component of GTNs which generally not considered in similar works. In this approach, at first a reduced network will be generated from the original GTN(More)
Many multiple access methods have been developed to allow the user terminals to access the satellite and communicate with it. These access methods in addition to the satellite and ground users can be considered as a Markov/queuing process or a birth and death process. The birth and death rate are the number of user terminals arriving in queue and being(More)
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