A A Hussein

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In this paper we study a discrete variational optimal control problem for the rigid body. The cost to be minimized is the external torque applied to move the rigid body from an initial condition to a pre-specified terminal condition. Instead of discretizing the equations of motion, we use the discrete equations obtained from the discrete Lagrange–d'Alembert(More)
The research aims to identify the Attitudes of faculty members at Saudi Universities towards using E-learning Management System JUSUR, which follows the National Center for E-learning. A descriptive analysis was used as a research methodology. (90) participants in this research were asked to complete a 5-point Likert scale questionnaire, which consists of(More)
This paper outlines an approach to produce a prototype WordNet system for Malay semi-automatically, by using bilingual dictionary data and resources provided by the original English WordNet system. Senses from an English-Malay bilingual dictionary were first aligned to English WordNet senses, and a set of Malay synsets were then derived. Semantic relations(More)
  • Michael Konstantinos, Pentikousis, Hussein, Badr, Klaus, Mueller +1 other
  • 2000
We, the thesis committee for the above candidate for the Master of Science degree, hereby recommend acceptance of this thesis. 2000 The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) has been optimized over the years for wired networks. With the proliferation of wireless communications, TCP has to perform well in transmission-media heterogeneous infrastructures, which(More)
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We report Rb-Sr whole-rock and zircon ages for metavolcanic and plutonic associations in the southeastern part of the Red Sea Hills, Sudan, and show that these rocks constitute one of the earliest Pan-African arc assemblages within the Arabian-Nubian shield. The remarkable similarity in geochemistry and age between these and comparable rocks in southwestern(More)
Availability of professionals and communication of corporate expertise are among the key competitive factors in a modern corporation. However, due to the growing size and geographic dispersion of corporations, making optimal use of their human resources and expertise is becoming increasingly difficult. Since a significant portion of an employee's time is(More)
Associate professor The Norwegian university of science and technology – NTNU Trondheim, Norway Case study: Developing educational games in project management.-Evaluation and lessons learned-Abstract Well designed games can provide an excellent environment to develop project management competence. However, there are several requirements that must be(More)