A. A. Frank

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The aging process is associated with alterations in the immune system. Some of the changes reported are an increase in the proportion of B lymphocytes, and a shift to a TH2-like cytokine environment. It has been hypothesized that the development of immunopathology within the lung during tuberculosis is linked to increased interleukin-4 (IL-4) production. In(More)
In young mice exposed to aerosol infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis removal of the gammadelta T cell population by targeted gene disruption does not affect the expression of host resistance, but does influence the integrity of the early granulomatous response. The current study demonstrates that in aged gammadelta T cell gene disrupted mice similar(More)
We report a case of autoimmune pancreatitis in a 31-year-old man with signs and symptoms of biliary tract obstruction. Evaluation with sonography, computed tomography, and ultimately endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, demonstrated a 5 by 2 cm hypoechoic, hypodense mass near the head of the pancreas that extended into the porta hepatis. Common(More)
A spectrum of related malacic disorders called Simmental multifocal symmetrical encephalopathy have been reported in Simmental and Simmental crossbred cattle in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 3 The cause of this condition is unknown. We describe multifocal polioencephalomyeloma-lacia in Simmental calves reared in Oregon, USA, with mor-phologic lesions(More)
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