A. A. Fouda

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To study the relationship between the intensity of the stimulus exerted against the base of the tongue during direct laryngoscopy and the magnitude of associated hemodynamic and catecholamine responses, a study was conducted in 40 ASA I or II patients. Laryngoscopy lasting 40 s was performed with a size 3 Macintosh blade connected to a force-displacement(More)
In 282 patients 290 ureteral stones were treated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy using the Lithostar lithotriptor. Stones were in the upper ureter in 198 units (68.3%), middle ureter in 36 (12.4%) and lower ureter in 56 (19.3%). The average stone mass was 11.9 mm. and the mean number of shock waves was 4,913 for all levels with a mean kv. of(More)
Priapism is an alarming complication during treatment of erectile dysfunction with vasoactive drugs, particularly papaverine alone or in combination with phentolamine mesylate. An investigational protocol was designed to identify patients who are more susceptible to priapism after intracavernous injection of papaverine alone or with phentolamine. The(More)
The period of spinal shock which frequently follows spinal cord injury is associated with bladder areflexia and urinary retention. We studied the effect of early bladder electric stimulation on detrusor activity during the spinal shock phase in the dog. The animals had a spinal cord section at T10 vertebra and their bladder management was assigned to one of(More)
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