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We evaluated the immediate intraocular pressure increase after extracapsular cataract surgery in 58 eyes. Two to three hours postoperatively, 34 eyes (59%) developed an intraocular pressure greater than or equal to 25 mm Hg. We found an intraocular pressure of at least 40 mm Hg in seven eyes. Mean intraocular pressure two to three hours postoperatively was(More)
In 21 consecutive patients with recently diagnosed Hodgkin's disease echocardiographic examination was carried out before and after subsequent courses of polychemotherapy. In 5 persons more than physiological amount of pericardial fluid was found and additionally, in one of them an infiltrate of the epicardium. IVB clinical stage of HD was diagnosed in(More)
We study singularly perturbed linear programs. These are parametric linear programs whose constraints become linearly dependent when the perturbation parameter goes to zero. Problems like that were studied by Jeroslow in 1970's. He proposed simplex-like method, which works over the eld of rational functions. Here we develop an alternative asymptotic simplex(More)
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