A.A. Elmoursi

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The authors present a numerical technique based on the combined method of charge simulation and the method of characteristics to evaluate fields in unbounded geometries. The numerical procedure utilizes a nonrigid grid structure which, after convergence to a self-consistent solution, is a map of the field lines and equipotential contours. The numerical(More)
A numerical model that determines the electrical characteristics of a bell-type electrostatic painting system is presented. The model is capable of handling the complex geometries of practical sprayers and accounts for the space-charge effect of charged paint droplets. The influence of aerodynamic forces in tracing droplet trajectories is considered. As a(More)
A low cost and reliable high voltage pulse modulator is described whose design is based on R-C circuits and which uses triggered spark gaps for switching. Oscilloscope photographs of the output pulse indicate the success of this design in fulfilling the waveform requirements. Furthermore, this pulse modulator was used in the pulse implantation of aluminum(More)
In situations where paint resistivity is low, as for waterborne paints, it is not possible to use conventional electrostatic painting systems without isolating the sprayer, the fluid-handling system, and the paint containers. An alternate technique is to apply high voltage to the workpiece and ground the sprayer. The authors evaluate the electrical(More)
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