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Shunt capacitors installation in distribution systems requires optimal placement and sizing. More harmonics are being injected into distribution systems. Adding shunt capacitors may lead to high distortion levels. The capacitor placement and sizing problem is a nonlinear integer optimization problem, with locations and ratings of shunt capacitors being(More)
In this study, the power scheduling problem in μ-grids is investigated taking the uncertainties in power demand and wind power into account. The problem is formulated as a stochastic mixed-integer linear optimization problem with the objective being minimizing the total μ-grid cost. The objective is subject to a set of operational constraints(More)
The AC/DC hybrid topology for the future smart grid is a promising configuration that allows integrating the energy resources and modern loads of AC and DC type. Understanding the AC/DC hybrid microgrids (HMGs) operating in islanding mode and its operational philosophy will pave the road towards the future smart grid with a plug-and-play feature. This paper(More)
The smart grid allows its consumers to participate in producing cost effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly electricity. The consumers in a smart grid, for example, can install small-scale Distributed Generation (DG) units to supply their own loads and support the grid during the peak periods. However, these DG units need to be properly rated(More)
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