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The objective of this study was to examine the response of tissue steroid sulfatase (STS) levels in hypertensive rat strains, when blood pressure (BP) was lowered by different techniques at an early age. A 4x3 factoral design was used, in which males (n=6-8) from four rat strains (WKY, SHR, SHR/a, SHR/y) at 4 weeks of age, were randomly assigned to one of(More)
Antrochoanal polyp is a benign polypoid lesion arising from the oedematous mucosa of the maxillary sinus and extending through the maxillary ostium into the nose. In children, it constitutes 33% of all nasal polyps. Surgery is the usual treatment for antrochoanal polyps. The primary aim of treatment for antrochoanal polyp is complete removal with total(More)
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