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Received (received date) Revised (revised date) Accepted (accepted date) We show that the increments of generalized Wiener process, useful to describe non-Gaussian white noise sources, have the properties of infinitely divisible random processes. Using functional approach and the new correlation formula for non-Gaussian white noise we derive directly from(More)
We derive general equations for the nonlinear relaxation time of Brownian diffusion in randomly switching potential with a sink. For piece-wise linear dichotomously fluctuating potential with metastable state, we obtain the exact average lifetime as a function of the potential parameters and the noise intensity. Our result is valid for arbitrary white noise(More)
Transient properties of different physical systems with metastable states perturbed by external white noise have been investigated. Two noise-induced phenomena, namely the noise enhanced stability and the resonant activation, are theoretically predicted in a piece-wise linear fluctuating potential with a metastable state. The enhancement of the lifetime of(More)
We investigate the overdamped Brownian motion in a supersymmetric periodic potential switched by Markovian dichotomous noise between two configurations. The two configurations differ from each other by a shift of one-half period. The calculation of the effective diffusion coefficient is reduced to the mean first passage time problem. We derive general(More)
After a short excursion from discovery of Brownian motion to the Richardson " law of four thirds " in turbulent diffusion, the article introduces the Lévy flight superdif-fusion as a self-similar Lévy process. The condition of self-similarity converts the infinitely divisible characteristic function of the Lévy process into a stable characteristic function(More)
The functional method to derive the fractional Fokker-Planck equation for probability distribution from the Langevin equation with Lévy stable noise is proposed. For the Cauchy stable noise we obtain the exact stationary probability density function of Lévy flights in different smooth potential profiles. We find confinement of the particle in the(More)
We consider a Lotka-Volterra system of two competing species subject to multiplicative α-stable Lévy noise. The interaction parameter between the species is a random process which obeys a stochastic differential equation with a generalized bistable potential in the presence both of a periodic driving term and an additive α-stable Lévy noise. We study the(More)
The stability of a simple dynamical system subject to multiplicative one-side pulse noise with hidden periodicity is investigated both analytically and numerically. The stability analysis is based on the exact result for the characteristic functional of the renewal pulse process. The influence of the memory effects on the stability condition is analyzed for(More)
The non-linear dissipation corresponding to a non-Gaussian thermal bath is introduced together with a multiplicative white noise source in the phenomenological Langevin description for the velocity of a particle moving in some potential landscape. Deriving the closed Kolmogorov's equation for the joint probability distribution of the particle displacement(More)