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A new microwave imaging technique is proposed for reconstruction of 2-D complex permittivity profiles in dielectric samples located in a waveguide system. The spatial distributions of the dielectric constant and the loss factor are approximated by continuous functions whose functional parameters are determined using a neural network technique backed by(More)
A model of organism adaptation under its normal functioning, being transferred without any conceptual changes into the adaptation model to the stimulating actions, at which the organism malfunctions and is forced to transfer to the regime of pathology which is considered to be the only possible regime for extreme conditions. As examples the cases of(More)
The results of a molecular cytogenetic study of the material of spontaneous abortions and nonprogressive pregnancies in the first trimester in 43 couples who were treated with various ART methods are presented in this paper. Chromosomal pathologies (CPs) were present in 28 (65%) samples of chorionic villi. A comparative analysis of the frequency and types(More)
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