A. A. Bloshkin

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We study the effect of delta-doping on the hole capture probability in ten-period p-type Ge quantum dot photodetectors. The boron concentration in the delta-doping layers is varied by either passivation of a sample in a hydrogen plasma or by direct doping during the molecular beam epitaxy. The devices with a lower doping density is found to exhibit a lower(More)
: Ge/Si quantum dots fabricated by molecular-beam epitaxy at 500°C are overgrown with Si at different temperatures Tcap, and effect of boron delta doping of Si barriers on the mid-infrared photoresponse was investigated. The photocurrent maximum shifts from 2.3 to 3.9 μm with increasing Tcapfrom 300°C to 750°C. Within the sample set, we examined devices(More)
We perform an electroreflectance spectroscopy of Ge/Si self-assembled quantum dots in the near-infrared and in the mid-infrared spectral range. Up to three optical transitions are observed. The low-energy resonance is proposed to correspond to a band-to-continuum hole transition in the Ge valence band. The other two modulation signals are attributed to the(More)
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